Storm Bowling Ball

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Frequently Asked Questions...

bowling score?

I want to qualify for the school team next year, so i started bowling a month ago. I get between 120 and 130 is that bad? Also, how do I clean my ball without any alchohol or ball cleaning solution? It's a 11lb tropical storm.
By the way I cant use a heavier ball in the sense that i am too physically weak to carry one. XD
And how do I hook a ball? everytime I try that its just spins upright and goes straight.

Best Answer...


I'd keep practicing, consulting with your coaches on a regular basis and taking your time when bowling so that you can concentrate. If you are using an 11 lb. Tropical Storm bowling ball, do you have that "no-thumb" delivery? In any case, either a 13 or 14 lb. bowling ball would be excellent for someone that just began the sport a month ago. A heavier ball will provide less deflection and more pin carry.

Storm Products also has a line of ball cleaners and polishes especially made for urethane coverstocks, of which your Tropical Storm falls into that category. Also, a shammy (chamois) rag will work best in terms of soaking up lane conditioner (oil) after use without using polishes or cleaners. Regular dish or bath towels will just spread the oil around the ball and not soak it up.

Good luck with making the team and enjoy the sport!